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Rates & Policies:




*We do sell most dance attire at the studio.

*Tights that are sold at the studio are footed, transition, or stirrup Capezio Ultra soft tights in Ballet Pink (BPK) and Light Suntan (LSN). While these are not required for class, they are required for all performances.

PS1, PS2, Kinderdance

Attire: Black, pink or white leotard, any style, and BPK tights. Ballet sweaters, skirts, and tutus are permitted to be worn in any color. Hair pulled back.

Shoes: Pink ballet slippers & white tie/elastic tap shoes


Elementary 1 & 2, Elementary Jazz 1 & 2

Attire: Black, white or red leotard, any style, and BPK or LSN Tights. Ballet sweaters, skirts, tutus, and shorts are permitted to be worn in any color. Hair pulled back.

Shoes: Pink leather ballet slippers, tan tie/elastic tap shoes, caramel stretch jazz shoe (Capezio #EJ2 or similar) if taking jazz.


Level 1-3 Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Contemporary/Lyrical - no baggie shirts, sweatshirts, or pants allowed

Attire: Black, white or red leotard and BPK (preferred for ballet) or LSN Tights, hair pulled back

           Ballet- Hair in a bun, ballet sweaters, and skirts ONLY are permitted over a leotard

           Jazz & Tap- Jazz shorts or leggings are permitted over leotard and tights

          Contemporary/Lyrical- Any color leotard, jazz shorts, or leggings permitted over leotard & tights

Shoes: Ballet- Pink ballet slippers

         Jazz- Caramel stretch jazz shoe (Capezio #EJ2 or similar)

         Tap- Level 1 & 2  (Miss Darlene): Tan tie/elastic tap shoe (Capezio Jr. Tyette/Shuffle or similar)

                 Level 3-5 (Miss Tweety): Black, full sole, tie tap shoe (Capezio #CJ17 or similar)

         Contemporary/Lyrical- half-sole lyrical shoe (Capezio Hanami Pirouette or similar)


Level 4-5 Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Lyrical- no baggie shirts, sweatshirts, or pants allowed

Attire: Ballet- Any color leotard, PBK tights. Hair in a bun, ballet sweaters, and skirts ONLY over a leotard

            Jazz, Tap, & Lyrical - Any color leotard, or supportive bra top and leggings. LSN tights are required if

                        wearing shorts. Hair in a bun for tap.

Shoes: Ballet- Pink canvas ballet slippers

           Jazz- Caramel stretch jazz shoe (Capezio #EJ2 or similar)

           Tap- Black, full sole, tie tap shoe (Capezio #CJ17 or similar)

           Contemporary/Lyrical- half sole lyrical shoe, socks, or bare feet (Hanami Pirouette H064)


Hip Hop & Pom

Attire: Comfortable attire that is easy to move in, NO jeans!

Shoes: Sneakers worn only in the studio (specific color(s) will be given after costumes are chosen)



Attire: Black pants or shorts and a white or black t-shirt,

Shoes: Black tap shoes, ballet slippers, jazz shoes, tan lyrical shoes (same style as level)


For your convenience, Shoes & Dance Attire is sold throughout the year at the studio.



A non-refundable $30 per family is due upon registration with the first installment to reserve class space. This registration fee will go towards the cost of studio insurance, software program fees, and any studio information supplied to students throughout the year including newsletters, brochures, and letters.


Tuition is a yearly fee broken into 10 equal payments. *Payment can be accepted by check, cash or credit card anytime up to the due date. Any balance remaining will be charged automatically.  If a credit card on file does not work it will be tried again every 7 days. Accounts with non-working credit cards that are not updated by the 8th of each month will be charged a $20/month fee.

Tuition Payment Options are as follows:

A - PAY IN FULL (non-refundable)

B - Pay in two installments using Automatic Credit Card Deduction upon registration and on Feb 1st (non-refundable)

C - Pay 10 installments using Automatic Credit Card Deduction* which will come out on the first of each month from Oct to May. Two payments are due upon registration (or by September 1st) and are non-refundable.

Click HERE for our Fee Schedule

Should it become necessary to discontinue classes for any reason, YOU MUST notify the office in writing two weeks before a withdrawal can be permitted using the “Student Withdrawal Form” located below. This is required or ADA retains the right to keep the students' enrollment status active and charge accordingly. You are financially responsible for tuition payments up to the time of such action. A Registration Fee is due anytime one restarts within the season. Any returned checks will be charged an additional $30 payment

Click here for the Student Withdraw Form


Good attendance is imperative, as the best results are accomplished when a student attends class on a regular basis. Please make every effort to have your child at every class on time.


Make-up classes are available for missed classes or classes missed due to weather. No tuition deduction or refunds are available for missed classes, nor is monthly tuition transferable. Please see the schedule for a comparable class.  During COVID times, you must schedule this with the front desk so we make sure we have room.


The studio will not necessarily close for snow days regardless if area schools are closed. Closings will be sent out via e-mail within one hour of the scheduled class, posted on our Facebook account and a message will be left on the phone at the studio. You are entitled to make up if we close the studio due to the weather.


  • Halloween: Tuesday, October 31st
  • Thanksgiving Closing: November 19th- 26th 
  • Winter Break Closings: December 22nd- January 5th
  • Spring Break Closing: March 29th- April 5th 
  • Recital: May 10th & 11th 
  • Final Day of Classes: May 24th


Parents' Observation Week in the studio will be at the end of January.


A student dance recital will be performed every year. All students are encouraged to participate in the recital, but it is not mandatory. If the commitment is made, the student MUST perform in the two shows, attend two rehearsals, and follow all rules presented in the Recital Handbook. Click HERE to view the Handbook.


American Dance Academy does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all students be covered by their own family insurance policies and, if an injury occurs, it is understood that the student's own policy is the only source of reimbursement.


• No gum chewing in class

• Long hair must be tied back and secured for class.

• For your child's safety, students should remain in the studio until their rides have arrived.

• All payments are non-refundable.

• Dancers and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Gossip about other students, parents, or teachers is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

• ADA is not responsible for unsupervised children who are not in a class.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to discuss them with us whenever it does not interfere with a class. We are always interested in improving our dance education programs.

First Day of Class is Monday, September 11th 

Click HERE for the 2023-2024 ADA Student/Parent Handbook











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